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January 27 2015

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By : linton
(Do not remove credits)

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January 22 2015

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i don’t normally write on the walls, but i was getting pretty pissed.
like, who the fuck says i can’t be smart and have sex at the same time?
i could literally get eaten out and recite the quadratic formula if i damn well please.

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January 17 2015

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"Folder" Cathedral in Strasburg
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January 08 2015

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December 22 2014

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There’s red on the ceiling and red on the floor, red dripping from the window sills and red globules splattered across the walls. It looks like the artist Anish Kapoor has been let loose with his wax cannon again. But this, in fact, is what the making of Christmas looks like; this is the very heart of the real Santa’s workshop – thousands of miles from the North Pole, in the Chinese city of Yiwu.

Our yuletide myth-making might like to imagine that Christmas is made by rosy-cheeked elves hammering away in a snow-bound log cabin somewhere in the Arctic Circle. But it’s not. The likelihood is that most of those baubles, tinsel and flashing LED lights you’ve draped liberally around your house came from Yiwu, 300km south of Shanghai – where there’s not a (real) pine tree nor (natural) snowflake in sight.

Christened “China’s Christmas village”, Yiwu is home to 600 factories that collectively churn out over 60% of all the world’s Christmas decorations and accessories, from glowing fibre-optic trees to felt Santa hats. The “elves” that staff these factories are mainly migrant labourers, working 12 hours a day for a maximum of £200 to £300 a month – and it turns out they’re not entirely sure what Christmas is.


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December 13 2014

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December 10 2014

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December 08 2014

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'Just had my day brightened up. Big Caribbean army bloke in front of me on the DLR knitting. Old lady turns to him and says “I didn't know men could knit”. He turns to her and in his best Caribbean accent says “No ma'am, the only thing men can't do is have babies. And there's nothing women can't do.” '

DLR= Docklands Light Railway, London

My kind of man!

Great words!

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December 05 2014

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Doris Salcedo ( İstanbul )
The mountain village of Masuleh in Iran
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